Once in power, Queen Amidala opened negotiations with the Trade Federation. However the Federation was scandalized by Naboo’s resistance to its authority, which coincided with a Galactic Republic Senate tax on interstellar trade. Both actions were perceived by Federation leadership as a threat to their commercial interests and power. The Federation answered with a military blockade of Naboo, with the aim of forcing Naboo into subservience and to hopefully intimidate the Senate into
repealing the taxation measure.

By the same time, captain Panaka is forming a group with diffirent skills to help the government and the people of Naboo. The groupe is compose of a jedi, tech specialist, scout, scoundrel, soldier, force adept.

Half of the group was on Naboo, and took the Raymus to go to Coruscan for the mission. Queen Amilada ask for more support for her safety, because her safety is compremise. But the support from Naboo never turn up.

General Tano, hand out the mission to Jedi Thomla and the group. The need to discover who is behind hole this and bringing back her support alive or if the are dead to give them propal funaral.

After some search on the holo net and governement space traffic log and docking log to find the Mystic Burn, they find the suppose location were it was supposed to be. This location is in a old industrial sector.

Invasion of Naboo

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